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Why Buy Refurbished Hardware from Procurri?

Buying Refurbished Hardware? Why It Should Be from Procurri.

Procurri is the world’s leading independent provider of sustainably sourced hardware and third party maintenance in the channel, offering everything from one-off spare parts to large complex server configurations for any business that needs them.

We’re certainly pleased that more businesses are grasping the opportunity to supply their data centers with hardware from sustainable sources; although there is much work still to be done in the space. Yet we remain the largest independent supplier of such assets to the channel, with thousands of organizations turning to us for support every year.

So why do businesses choose to source their hardware from Procurri?

Procurri has the largest global inventory of hardware
This allows us to supply assets quickly, cheaply, and more efficiently than traditional costs.

Procurri offers full data center support
We offer hardware spanning server, storage, and networking equipment; one-off spares to full systems.

Procurri holds unrivaled engineering expertise
Our specialist technicians can fully configure and customize just about any system: and guarantee it.

Procurri has a world-class post-sales support portal
Our relationship with businesses isn’t transactional. We offer support whenever needed.

Procurri’s presence spans the whole word
No matter where businesses are, we have a distribution center local and ready to deliver.

Procurri maintains certified used OEM partnerships
We can offer channel-friendly equipment that works under OEM support and is guaranteed by them.

Procurri offers EDI feeds to channel customers
Through our bespoke ERP software platform, Morse, we provide world-class operational excellence to all.

Procurri always has the stock needed
Thanks to our ITAD business, we’re constantly stocked with competitively-priced equipment.

Want to check Procurri’s stockholding for the part(s) or fully configured system(s) you need, need a short-term hardware solution, or calculate the carbon saving that buying used assets could make for your business? Contact your Procurri representative today.


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