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WFH Asset Reclaim Program

Procurri Work From Home Asset Reclaim Program

Recent years have seen a global shift to increasing work from home (WFH) and remote/flexible working options offered by employers. Procurri has responded by introducing an asset reclaim program to simplify the process.

Designed for organizations with remote locations, WFH employees, or geographically widespread worksites, Procurri offers a ‘box program’ to facilitate the recovery of IT assets when no longer required by an employee; ideal for where a traditional onside pick-up simply isn’t practical.

Operating flexibly to accommodate satellite offices with return-ready devices or far-flung remotely based single employees, the Procurri WFH Asset Reclaim Program is simple, scalable, and cost-effective in returning assets to then either be redeployed or passed on to ITAD services.

How does it work?

  1. Where an asset is ready to be reclaimed, Procurri dispatches a secure, coded briefcase with foam inserts via an overnight delivery courier; and provides the 6-digit combination to the case securely to the recipient
  2. The recipient places the assets in the case, and a return courier collects it the following day
  3. The case, individually numbered to ensure safe receipt, is returned to one of Procurri’s secure processing facilities
  4. Once the case has arrived at Procurri, the asset is audited, tested, cleaned, and thoroughly data sanitized
  5. The business opts whether to redeploy the asset to another employee or for it to be passed to an ITAD service for recycling, resale, or refurbishment. If the device needs to be upgraded or swapped, Procurri passes the asset through their ITAD channels before supplying a new one from their existing stockholding.

All assets and cases are transported securely and tracked throughout their journey so businesses are able to manage their devices effectively.

Why use the Procurri WFH Asset Reclaim Program?

  • The business has a clear overview of all assets at all times
  • The need for replacement assets, and therefore more money spent, is lessened
  • Intervention is minimal and stress-free for both employee and employer
  • The program works worldwide, no matter how widespread the locations
  • Assets can be swiftly prioritized for redeployment and/or appropriate ITAD processing

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