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E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling: What Businesses Can Do With Their IT Hardware

E-waste comprises just about any electronic or electrical products that are no longer working or being used. Such items can’t just be thrown in the standard bin but should be disposed of in a controlled manner; with legislation and regulations dictating the exact method of their disposition.

Businesses, in particular, produce a lot of e-waste and as part of their ongoing corporate social responsibility commitments, we encourage them to invest in qualified e-waste recycling strategies rather than traditional ITAD & Lifecycle Services “dispose and move on” practices. Procurri offers a variety of environmentally friendly ITAD & Lifecycle Services options and consultancy support to help companies make the right e-waste decision every time.

E-Waste Recycling: Why Recycle?

If organizations are truly committed to operating responsibly in the environment within which they exist, they should embrace every opportunity for sustainable interventions and initiatives. Indeed, with nothing to gain from traditional ITAD & Lifecycle Services practices that result in basic disposal (as the hardware is no longer required anyway), there is more value to be derived from e-waste recycling in both ethical and financial terms.

E-Waste Recycling: End Of Life ITAD

Where data center hardware has truly reached its EOSL (End of Service Life) and is no longer functional for a business, e-waste recycling should be explored. Procurri’s ITAD & Lifecycle Services offer e-waste recycling as standard – even where the parts require physical separation to recycle whichever of their materials are suitable for it.

E-Waste Recycling: Refurbishment and Reuse

In some cases, materials or indeed the whole piece of hardware may be suited to recycle in a different method – through refurbishment and reuse. Where this is possible, Procurri will carry out the refurbishment process before advertising for sale within the channel. Any value generated will be passed back to the business – a win-win for the environment and the organization!

E-Waste Recycling: Standards and Guidelines

Where e-waste is processed and then either passed on to an e-waste recycling facility or for full asset disposal, there are various guidelines and regulations that must be followed. Procurri works to the highest possible standards to ensure safety and legal adherence. All e-waste recycling that passes through a Procurri facility is tracked by serial number with all pertinent asset information attached, as well as being processed in line with WEEE, R2, and e-Standards. Although the exact legal requirements vary by geographical location, Procurri works well above and beyond these regulations across most of the world and never below what would be considered ‘industry best practice’.

Procurri always prioritizes sustainability over the status quo and operates on a zero-to-landfill business model through our ITAD & Lifecycle Services offering. If you’re unsure exactly what data center equipment you have that may be recyclable, reusable, or resaleable, get in touch – our expert team will soon be able to identify opportunities for value; to both your business and the world at large.

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