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Procurri Maximises Uptime On Business-Critical Servers Supporting Household Utilities across Europe

Our customer, a well known global system integrator, is providing services to a utilities provider across the whole of Europe with a turnover of over €13bn. They turned to Procurri to ensure they could keep things up and running 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. This enables their customers to turn on a switch in their house to get the power they need. Third Party The utilities provider is a large business responsible for over 20 million customers so they simply can’t afford to go offline. They had already invested in a Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) supplier but when a P1 (emergency) situation occurred, the third party were unable to get them back online because they just didn’t have the expertise and knowledge base to do so. Approaching Procurri Seeking out an urgent, but still reasonably priced solution, the senior management team at the utility provider turned to their systems integrator who in turn engaged with Procurri. The stakeholders within the company were nervous, as they’d already experienced a major issue with a TPM and were aware that the company’s size and split systems (many of them legacy) meant that taking on the job was no mean feat. However, after an in-depth consultation with Procurri, all parties understood the skill levels available amongst the Procurri technicians, and they were happy to commence with a service. Procurri Delivered Procurri’s expert team immediately set to work successfully recovering all data and restoring online status. This was done on a ‘time and materials’ basis, as the other TPM company were still the incumbent – but Procurri knew it was critical business to get the end user up and running right away. Procurri’s specialist technicians were able to dial into the systems and understand the true underlying issues in order to resolve them. Downtime was reduced and BAU was restored for all users. The partner was so impressed with the service, they later introduced Procurri’s TPM services across their end users portfolio of legacy systems including EMC, HDS, IBM, Sun, HP and Dell – both reactively and proactively – to optimise uptime and offer an improved level of service to their customers. What’s more, there was a huge cost saving in procuring Procurri services compared to those on offer directly from the OEM. Procurri offered considerably better value for 70% of the price found elsewhere. One contract covered multi-vendor offerings over a 5-year period, with the flexibility to make changes as required, thus reducing downtime and negative customer experiences. To this day, the partner and their end user remain with Procurri for their TPM services and enjoy a fantastic working relationship with expert technicians that are able to effectively manage both legacy and modern systems seamlessly, working proactively to curb issues before they surface and continue to offer unbeatable value to their customer projects across Europe.

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