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Oracle Engineered Systems

Managed Services

Oracle Engineered Systems Managed Services: Unleash the Power of Oracle Exadata Engineered Systems with Procurri and Natrinsic

Ignite your Oracle Engineered Systems with the industry-leading Managed Services from Procurri and Natrinsic. Our high-touch, proactive approach ensures peak performance and unwavering system stability for every Oracle appliance we manage. With a team of world-class Database Administrators, Level 3 Oracle software & hardware engineers, and field service technicians, we guarantee certainty of outcome for your data warehouse.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Hardware break-fix support available 24×7.
  • Access to remote Oracle hardware & software engineers.
  • On-site field service technicians for prompt resolution.
  • 24×7 Phone, Email, and Web support via our dedicated portal.

Experience fast and reliable support with 24×7 Phone Support in over 90 countries, 4-hour and Next Business Day Response SLAs, and field service techs equipped with hardware expertise. We provide comprehensive remote Oracle Engineered systems support, including hardware and system software assistance, for a complete solution.

Service Characteristics:

  • Tailored Response SLAs to meet your requirements.
  • Availability of dedicated hardware spares.
  • Support for Oracle Engineered Systems platforms: Exadata, Exalytics, Exalogic, Big Data Appliance and Supercluster. Optional support for Oracle ZFS storage is also available.
  • Access support channels through our portal, phone, and Webex sessions.

Gain proactive insights into your system’s health with Natrinsic’s included Oracle Engineered Systems health check service. Our concise and visually rich reports provide a proactive approach to ensure system integrity and performance.

Partner with Procurri and Natrinsic to unlock the full potential of your Oracle Engineered Systems environment. Contact us today to explore our Oracle Managed Services and extend the useful life of your Oracle hardware platform today.

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