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Buyback Scheme

Your Customers Need Cash. Give It to Them – As You Sell

Are your customers looking to introduce a technology refresh, transform a data center, move an office or migrate to the Cloud? Any hardware sale that will result in retired IT assets presents a new opportunity.

Partner with Procurri and offer them ITAD and take part in our Buyback programme which gives dollars right back to the customer; giving them a welcome kickback right at the point they’re expecting to fork out lots of cash.

Where there is the requirement for the removal, data erasure and transportation of retired assets, this should not be ignored. Offer your customer this service alongside the chance for money to be put back into their hand with the Procurri Buyback scheme.

Upon receipt of the retired assets, we provide an estimated value and pay this straight back to the customer – even before we’ve managed to refurbish and resell it.

This reinforces our mission to connect people with technology: enhancing growth, elevating productivity and empowering (and introducing!) innovation.

Why just sell hardware as a straight transaction when you can bolt on value-adding services that provide cash back? Speak to a Procurri expert today to learn more and make your sales really pay.

Makes Your Hardware Sales Pay

You sell fantastic hardware packages to customers daily – but in these tumultuous times, it’s no secret that companies need cash and they’re cutting back when they can.

What sales opportunities result in retired IT hardware?

Ask your customers why they’re buying new hardware – and help them benefit from the old as well as the new.

New, End-of-Life, and Refurbished Hardware Supply

Procurri is a channel dedicated global provider of professional IT services, legacy hardware, and new OEM authorized spares compliant with existing OEM agreements.

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