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Circular Computing™

Premium laptops that don’t cost the earth

Our mission is simple. To deliver premium laptops that don’t cost the earth.

We work in partnership with Circular Computing™ and can now deliver remanufactured laptops that have a fault rate that is lower or equivalent to that of brand-new computers. Due to our partnership, we can deliver thousands of units to the same, high consistent level, thus making it a real option for large corporates and organisations.

Our biggest competitor is perception. This is remanufactured, not refurbished – there is a world of difference. Today’s laptops are already perfectly fit for purpose and shouldn’t be thrown away when one component goes wrong. To us, sustainable computing means extending the usable life of enterprise IT by designing out obsolescence and tackling any barriers or reservations amongst the world’s largest IT consumers.

In addition to the huge environmental savings that come from re-use, we plant 5 trees for every laptop we sell, which helps to tackle our carbon crisis and create a better world.

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