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Sun / Oracle End of Service Life

Regardless of your location, equipment, legacy processes, bespoke requirements, or your budget, Procurri can help.  Your single point of contact will be a one-stop-shop for all your Sun / Oracle IT and EOSL needs.
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ModelEOSL Date 
SPARC T5-205/31/2022Get in touch
SPARC T4-106/30/2021Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T100009/30/2018Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T200009/30/2018Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T512001/31/2018Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T524012/31/2017Get in touch
Sun SPARC Enterprise T522009/30/2017Get in touch
Sun SPARC T3-1 Server – 8 Core08/01/2017Get in touch
Sun SPARC T3-2 Server – 16 Core08/01/2017Get in touch
SunFire T5240 – 1 x 8C CPU02/01/2017Get in touch
SunFire T514009/01/2016Get in touch
StorageTek 2530 Array07/01/2016Get in touch
Sun Netra T2000 – 4 Core04/01/2016Get in touch
Sun StorageTek 2510 Array01/07/2016Get in touch
Sun StorageTek 2540 Array01/07/2016Get in touch
Sun Storage 7310 Unified Storage12/01/2015Get in touch
Sun Storage J4400 24 slot SAS/SATA Array 4U12/01/2015Get in touch
Sun StorageTek 6140 Array12/01/2015Get in touch
Sun StorEdge External LTO3 400/800Gb Tape Drive09/01/2015Get in touch
SunFire T100001/31/2015Get in touch
Sun StorageTek 6540 Array01/01/2015Get in touch
SunFire T2000 – 4 Core01/01/2015Get in touch
SunFire T2000 – 8 Core01/01/2015Get in touch
Sun Netra 21012/01/2014Get in touch
Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage12/01/2014Get in touch
Sun Storage J4200 12 slot SAS/SATA Array 2U12/01/2014Get in touch
Sun StorEdge 3120 JBOD12/01/2014Get in touch
Sun StorEdge 3320 AC RAID12/01/2014Get in touch
Sun StorEdge 3320 JBOD12/01/2014Get in touch
StorEdge 3510 JBOD07/01/2014Get in touch
Sun StorEdge 3510 AC Raid07/01/2014Get in touch
Sun Storedge D240 Media Tray06/01/2014Get in touch
Sun Netra 24005/01/2014Get in touch
Sun Netra 44005/01/2014Get in touch
SunFire E4900 Base Server04/01/2014Get in touch
Sun StorageTek 5320 Array03/01/2014Get in touch
SunFire E2900 Base Server03/01/2014Get in touch
StorEdge C4 Tape Library01/01/2014Get in touch
Sun StorEdge C2 Tape Autoloader 1 Drive 8 or 16 Slot01/01/2014Get in touch
Sun StorEdge External SDLT320 160/320Gb Tape Drive09/01/2013Get in touch
SunFire V1280 12-Way04/01/2013Get in touch
SunFire V1280 4-Way04/01/2013Get in touch
SunFire V1280 8-Way04/01/2013Get in touch
SunFIre V20z11/01/2012Get in touch
SunFire V210 1 Way11/01/2012Get in touch
Sun StorEdge External LTO2 400/400Gb Tape Drive10/01/2012Get in touch
Sun StorageTek L180 Tape Library – 2D07/01/2012Get in touch
Sun StorEdge 3511 JBOD 12 bay SATA06/01/2012Get in touch
Sun StorEdge 6130 Array06/01/2012Get in touch
Sun StorEdge S1 Array06/01/2012Get in touch
Sun StorEdge T3 Dual Storage Array02/01/2012Get in touch
Sun Netra T112012/01/2011Get in touch
Sun Netra T112512/01/2011Get in touch
Sun StorEdge A1000 Array09/01/2011Get in touch
Sun StorEdge D2 Array09/01/2011Get in touch
StorEdge 3310 AC Raid06/01/2011Get in touch
Sun Netra 12006/01/2011Get in touch
Sun StorEdge 3310 JBOD06/01/2011Get in touch
SunBlade 15006/01/2011Get in touch
SunBlade 150006/01/2011Get in touch
SunBlade 250006/01/2011Get in touch
SunFire V10006/01/2011Get in touch
SunFire V12006/01/2011Get in touch
SunFire 4800 Base Server05/01/2011Get in touch
SunFire 6800 Base Server05/01/2011Get in touch
SunFire 280R 1-Way04/04/2011Get in touch
Sun StorEdge L8 8 Slot Tape Autoloader04/01/2011Get in touch
SunFire 280R 2-Way04/01/2011Get in touch
Sun Enterprise 220R12/01/2010Get in touch
Sun Enterprise 25012/01/2010Get in touch
Sun Enterprise 420R12/01/2010Get in touch
Sun Enterprise 45012/01/2010Get in touch
Sun Enterprise 4500 Base System12/01/2010Get in touch
Sun Enterprise 6500 Base System12/01/2010Get in touch
Sun NETRA D130 Array12/01/2010Get in touch
Sun Netra 2004/01/2010Get in touch
Sun StorEdge External DDS4 Tape Drive03/01/2010Get in touch
Sun StorEdge 3910 System02/01/2010Get in touch
Sun SPARCstation 2012/01/2009Get in touch
SunBlade 100012/01/2009Get in touch
Sun StorEdge D1000 Array09/01/2009Get in touch
Sun StorEdge L7 7 Slot Tape Autoloader01/01/2009Get in touch
Sun StorEdge L25 Tape Library08/01/2008Get in touch
Sun StorEdge L9 9 Slot Tape Autoloader06/01/2008Get in touch
Sun Netra T1 10002/01/2008Get in touch
Sun Netra T1 200AC02/01/2008Get in touch
Sun StorEdge External DDS3 Tape Drive02/01/2008Get in touch
SunBlade 10002/01/2008Get in touch
Sun StorEdge L1000 1 to 4 DLT drive 30 slot Tape Library12/01/2007Get in touch
Sun StorEdge External DLT7000 35/70Gb Tape Drive11/01/2007Get in touch
Sun Netra X110/01/2007Get in touch
Sun StorEdge L280 Tape Autoloader02/01/2006Get in touch

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