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Hitachi End of Service Life

Procurri makes it easy to find the latest End of Service Life (EOSL) dates for your Hitachi hardware. We have compiled Hitachi EOSL dates for several unique hardware models such as Hitachi Unified Storage, HNAS, and many more.

Regardless of your location, equipment, legacy processes, bespoke requirements, or budget, Procurri can help.  Your single point of contact will be a one-stop shop for all your Hitachi IT and EOSL needs.

Please click on Model / EOSL tab below to find what you are looking for.

ModelEOSL Date 
520H07/07/2019Get in touch
540A31/01/2020Get in touch
540B19/01/2020Get in touch
AMS 210030/09/2018Get in touch
AMS 230030/09/2018Get in touch
Compute Blade 200031/03/2020Get in touch
Compute Blade 2500 (CB2500)31/12/2022Get in touch
Compute Blade 500 (CB500)31/12/2022Get in touch
Compute Blade 520H B2 Blade (with CNA)31/01/2021Get in touch
Compute Blade 520H B328/05/2022Get in touch
Compute Blade 520H B431/12/2022Get in touch
Compute Blade 520X B1 Blade (with CNA)31/01/2021Get in touch
Compute Blade 520X B228/05/2022Get in touch
Compute Blade 520X B331/12/2022Get in touch
CR 210H31/10/2020Get in touch
CR 22018/11/2018Get in touch
CR 220H30/10/2020Get in touch
CR 220S31/10/2020Get in touch
Hitachi Unified Storage 11030/06/2021Get in touch
Hitachi Unified Storage 13030/06/2021Get in touch
Hitachi Unified Storage 15030/06/2021Get in touch
Hitachi VSP30/06/2020Get in touch
Hitachi VSP G100030/06/2022Get in touch
HM70030/06/2021Get in touch
HNAS 3080 G131/12/2020Get in touch
HNAS 3080 G231/12/2020Get in touch
HNAS 3090 G131/12/2020Get in touch
HNAS 3090 G231/12/2020Get in touch
HNAS 320018/11/2018Get in touch
HNAS SMU 30019/11/2018Get in touch
HNAS SMU 40031/03/2021Get in touch
NAS Platform 4040 (HNAS 4040)30/06/2022Get in touch
NAS Platform F30/10/2020Get in touch
Unified Storage DF850MH30/06/2021Get in touch
Unified Storage DF850S30/06/2021Get in touch
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G100030/06/2022Get in touch
VSP F150030/09/2025Get in touch
VSP F40031/03/2024Get in touch
VSP F60031/03/2024Get in touch
VSP F80031/03/2024Get in touch
VSP Fx0031/03/2024Get in touch
VSP G150030/09/2025Get in touch
VSP G20031/03/2024Get in touch
VSP G60031/03/2024Get in touch
VSP G80031/03/2024Get in touch
VSP N40031/12/2025Get in touch
VSP N60031/12/2025Get in touch
VSP N80031/12/2025Get in touch
X55R3 Blade30/03/2020Get in touch
X55S Blade30/03/2020Get in touch
X57A2 Blade30/03/2020Get in touch

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