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With energy companies and their associated IT operations being some of the world’s most polluting organizations, they have strict sustainability targets and commitments: but one global conglomerate appears to be backtracking on their efforts.

Procurri has long warned about the dangers of the unethical export of e-waste as well as the environmental risks that dumping hardware when no longer required can cause. And while indeed such impacts on the environment from ITAD must be

Procurri has long promoted a focus on sustainability and has strived to encourage organizations in the IT channel to embrace more eco-friendly and ethical business practices through both small steps in service and transformational change. As a carbon neutral organization,

Although Procurri is currently the only organization in our space to achieve a carbon neutral accreditation, there are a growing number of carbon neutral companies across a variety of industries worldwide. But what does this mean? Let us explain the

As businesses worldwide seek to improve their sustainability credentials having experienced a shift in focus during the coronavirus pandemic and now looking to get back on track, ESG standards, CSR policies, and the maximization of value sit at the heart

IBM Storage Prices Set to Rise Jan 1st. Here’s How to Beat Them! It’s been a tricky few years for businesses, and those in tech have been hit hard with varying issues around supply chains, rising prices, and plenty of socio-economic

ITAD is the industry term used when referring to the disposal of IT equipment once it has reached the end of its functional life, incorporating the safe and ethical disposition of e-waste in line with legal safety regulations and guidelines.

When searching for IT asset disposition companies, one of the most common factors businesses search for is locality to them or the office/site from which they’re looking to dispose of their equipment. Indeed, there is a vast search volume for

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