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Calculating Your Carbon Footprint With Procurri

Calculating Your Carbon Footprint with Procurri

By 2030, it’s expected that the IT industry will be responsible for 2% of the world’s total carbon emissions. At Procurri we are passionate about sustainability and operating as a green organization.  This is why we worked so hard to achieve accreditation as a Carbon Neutral company earlier this year.

Many businesses choose to work with Procurri to reduce their own carbon footprint, or at least contribute by partnering with a company that operates on a net-zero level.  But how can organizations understand their own IT-related emissions and what can be done to reduce them? The answer lies in Procurri’s Carbon Calculator.

When an organization partners with Procurri, we can audit their data center operations and provide a calculation of the related carbon emissions. Calculating a carbon footprint, and how to offset it, is complicated and is impacted by constantly changing variables.  So, we amend our methodology regularly to include updated research findings, evolving government legislation, and new market data. The ever-changing dynamics of product manufacturing and the related supply chains certainly make such calculations a challenge – but we continually evolve our approach because accuracy is the most important aspect of our Calculator.

Once we know the total emissions accountable to IT operations, we have solutions to reduce and offset them:

Third-Party Maintenance allows businesses to sweat their assets and use them for as long as possible without service disruption to the users – no matter how old or specialized the hardware may be. Extending the life of in-use assets minimizes carbon production by reducing waste and reducing supply chain carbon emissions.

Life Cycle & Asset Disposition Services ensure that when it is time to decommission IT equipment, it is done in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. Working on a zero-to-landfill basis, we recycle, refurbish, and resell hardware wherever we can – often generating a financial return for our customers.

No matter how much or how little emissions your business generates, we can help you lessen the impact on the environment. Together, we can work to make the IT industry cleaner, greener and better.

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