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Secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services from Procurri

Secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services from Procurri: Our Measures To Keep Customers Safe

The processing of assets as part of ITAD & Lifecycle Services practices usually involves the wiping of data from hardware before it is dismantled and then recycled or destroyed and disposed of entirely. For many reasons, electronic equipment cannot just be broken and binned, instead, it must be treated with care; various security protocols must be actioned at each stage of the process – for both basic safety and legal purposes. Here at Procurri, we prioritize ITAD & Lifecycle Services security above and beyond our legal responsibilities; as demonstrated below.

Secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services: Data Sanitization

There is a myriad of legal requirements around the sanitization (wiping) of information from data-bearing equipment in order to protect businesses and their customers. Procurri’s data erasure solutions are unrivaled in their breadth, with a full suite of services available. As well as data sanitization, we offer physical shredding, crushing/bending, and degaussing. Using the best practice approach toward disk sanitization, we exceed legal requirements while maintaining compliance with global data security guidelines including NIST, NAID AAA, HMG Infosec 5, and DoD.

Secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services: Transportation of Assets

Procurri’s ITAD & Lifecycle Services are completed in one of several specialist secure facilities globally and so must be physically transported from the client’s site once decommissioned. This is done using unmarked securely-locked vehicles driven by specialist security staff who are experienced in secure transportation and in the handling of data center hardware; ensuring as few parties as possible need to be involved in the journey. All vehicles are monitored in real-time through secure GPS systems and where possible, the journeys involve no stops.

Secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services: Secure Processing Facilities

For maximum secure processing, all Procurri’s ITAD & Lifecycle Services are processed in specialist facilities. These buildings are only accessible to authorized staff with the relevant security clearance and are monitored through comprehensive CCTV and alarm systems at all times. No visitors are permitted in such facilities and the offices are unmarked on the outside to ensure that no one without permission is aware of the operations within.

Secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services: Experienced Specialist Staff

Procurri is well known in the industry for its team of experts, and the same specialists provide their secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services. ITAD & Lifecycle Services technicians are highly skilled and well versed in the secure practices required for thorough disposition, recycling, or refurbishment. Only the most skilled Procurri ITAD & Lifecycle Services technicians are permitted access to work in the team and customers are granted the ability to meet and discuss their requirements directly with them if desired.

Secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services: Trusted Partners

Procurri operates on a zero-to-landfill basis and so where IT assets are truly end-of-life and unsuitable for recycling or refurbishment, they will be passed to a trusted partner for secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services processing. Procurri works only with the most skilled and revered ITAD & Lifecycle Services companies for such work and so those customers unable to access other options can rest assured that their hardware will be managed and disposed of correctly and securely.

If you’re looking for secure ITAD & Lifecycle Services and want peace of mind over equipment disposition, contact the Procurri team today!

Mat Jordan, an accomplished leader in the IT sector with over 25 years of experience, currently serves as the CEO of Procurri, driving strategic growth and operational excellence. His journey encompasses pivotal roles, from Sales Director for the UK to Global Head of Operations, demonstrating a trajectory marked by innovation and leadership.

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