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Founded in January 2013, Procurri has grown to be one of the largest global firms that sells data center hardware and services. We are accomplishing this through our global expansion plan, strategic relationships, and channel focus. Procurri is an innovative independent distributor that serves resellers, OEM Manufactures and strategic outsourcers. Everything we provide to our customers comes through our three distribution centers, located in the United States, Singapore and United Kingdom.

Customers come to Procurri for our unique hardware and service offerings. The data center hardware we provide is end of life, discontinued, new, current and constrained equipment. All products are checked for quality and accuracy to ensure that our customers are provided the best equipment available. Our services include non-OEM maintenance, reverse logistics, asset disposal, and rentals. Procurri is built on the philosophy that our customers are our most important asset. At Procurri, customer service and satisfaction are our first priority. Our specialized, diverse, and experienced salespeople strive to serve all your needs quickly and with excellence