IT Asset Recovery

Our solution PROCURE allows you to buy, sell, rent and consign data centre equipment of all major international brands while PRO-X offers data sanitisation and asset disposal services for you to capture maximum value from your IT assets.

Maintenance Services

Our solution PROTECT provides you with independent support across the lifecycle of your IT assets so that you can prolong the lifespan and performance of your data centre equipment.

Infrastructure-as-a- Service (laaS)

Our solution PROVIDE is SLA-driven, offering you on-demand computing resources through a pay-as-you-use model, scaling up or down as and when required.

Lifecycle Services

Our suite of lifecycle services include PRO-MOVE which ensures seamless cross-country relocation, and PRO-366, a range of systems-related, virtualisation and high availability solutions that complement the full spectrum of our hardware and maintenance solutions.


 what's new

Our global brand launch

Procurri has just launched our global brand in more than 40 countries around the world. Procurri means "leading the pack" in Latin, alluding to our vision of being the world's market leader in IT asset recovery and independent maintenance. 

Case studies

From private to public 

Find out why the world's leading companies such as USA's largest privately owned home care centre and a listed Indian multinational rely on Procurri to refresh and maintain their data centre infrastructure. 

global coverage

Procurri expands into Greater China 

We have now established a presence in Greater China, the world's largest economy, to service leading global companies and major Chinese enterprises operating out of this region. Watch this space for more updates of our international footprint.  


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