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Hardware Supply

New, refurbished and end-of-life

Hardware Supply

Procurri is a channel dedicated, global provider of services, legacy hardware and new OEM authorized spares that are compliant with your OEM agreements. Working with Procurri, you can meet your end users’ multi-generational hardware needs by providing end-of-life, refurbished and current generation data center and workstation hardware.

We provide a strategic, partnership approach to our customers rather than a transactional one, working together to optimize your end users IT spend.

Hardware expertise across OEMS

We can work with you to help spec hardware configurations and provide real time consultation to enable you to present working solutions to your customers. Procurri offers genuine expertise across compute, storage and networking; we understand how product lines integrate and can work with you to build solutions to meet the most demanding of budgets or the most complex of environments.

Significant legacy parts stockist

We provide legacy spares that are no longer available from the OEM when your end user needs to sweat their assets that little bit longer. Our global stocks consist of over 500,000 unique parts and over 50,000 different part numbers or SKU’s. If we don’t have it in stock, one of our product experts is likely to be able to source it.

Current product stockist

It’s not all about legacy! We also provide used spares that are often still current, providing material price benefits for customers that need the performance but do not necessarily have the budget. We hold spares and machines of current technology sourced from a variety of suppliers from OEM’s distribution, rental returns, mis orders and business closures.

Authorized parts provider

We are an authorized parts provider for many OEM brands, see our distribution programs and authorized Business Partners by clicking here.

Rental solutions

Procurri can provide short- or long-term rental solutions to meet a number of customer needs including Capex to Opex management, swing kit to de risk data center moves, seasonal processing or storage requirements or test environments.

Professional services

A wide range of professional services are available either in isolation or as part of a total solution. Our skilled technical team can assist with installations, upgrades, data center relocations, workstation deployments whilst our logistics team offer support to ensure product is carefully transported to the final destination.

Success Story: OEM centralise spare parts business

A global OEM at the forefront of technological innovation. Their capabilities in data and analytics, cloud, mobile, social and security have helped the UK evolve to become one of the world’s most digitally advanced nations.

Premium laptops that don’t cost the earth

Our mission is simple. To deliver premium laptops that don’t cost the earth. We work in partnership with Circular Computing™ who have spent years creating a remanufactured product that works, saves money and helps to save the planet at the same time. Offering 97% of the performance of the latest models* and up to 40% savings compared to brand new.
*Independent study commissioned by Cranfield University.

IPv4 opportunity

IPv4 addresses are running out and there is now a marketable value for blocks of IPv4.

Procurri can work with our global partners to identify requirements and utilise your excess IPv4’s to fulfil others’ needs on a no-risk basis. We provide a complete roadmap to enable the successful transfer of excess IPv4’s that an organisation may have.

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