Partner Success Stories

Solution providers partner with Procurri to bridge huge gaps created in the IT channel when OEMs discontinue data center products & support that end users still want and need.

Dell EMC
Hitachi Data Systems
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Juniper Networks

In this example, Procurri partnered with a VAR to help their client who was in need of more Data Domain storage capacity to meet the demands of their organization's relentless data growth.

The VAR wanted to sell them a net new DD system, but the client didn’t have the budget so they needed a creative solution that could move things around and free up the budget to get the new system sold.

After mapping out several options, Procurri provided the client with several refurbished capacity upgrades saving them $72,000, as well as having Procurri maintain several legacy DD storage arrays at the client’s Backup/DR site which freed up another $135,000.

They went from having no CAPEX budget to having $207,000 which enabled them to purchase the new Data Domain from the VAR. Win/Win!

In this example, Procurri partnered with a solution provider who had just sold a new storage system to their end user, but they were facing unexpected challenges and delays with the migration from their old system.

They needed to extend support for their old system, but the OEM's renewal quote did not fit their budget, so they attempted to self-maintain.

After only a few weeks of self-maintaining their storage array had a critical failure & went offline leaving the customer with no access to their data. Even though the end user was not under contract, Procurri diagnosed the issue, delivered parts, & had an engineer onsite in under 12 hours to get them back online and no data was lost.

The client used Procurri for hardware support for the next 18 months as they completed their migration to the new array which saved them $600K+ compared to the OEM.

Here is an example where Procurri partnered with a solution provider to support their client who was in desperate need of several Cisco ASA5555 Firewalls to set up more SSL VPN Connections for Secure Remote Access during the beginning of quarantine.

Unfortunately, the regular Cisco distribution channel did not have any available.

The solution provider partnered with Procurri who had exactly what they needed in stock enabling this client to solve their immediate business need.

Also, they were able to rent the Firewalls for 6-months to meet this short-term need which saved the client a significant amount of money they didn’t have due to a frozen budget.

Procurri was able to deliver the solution in 2 days compared to 30-45 days being quoted from normal distribution channels.

In this example, Procurri partnered with a reseller whose client needed additional compute to help them get through the seasonal holiday rush and their current cloud solution was too expensive.

They had room to expand in a Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Chassis at corporate but buying new B200 blades was out of their budget as they approached the end of the year.

Procurri offered them a 3-month rental option, as well as a purchase option for 3 refurbished blades. The dramatic savings on refurbished vs. new enticed the client to buy the 3 x B200 blades along with Procurri "PROtect" hardware support.

Several months later they purchased an additional UCS 5108 chassis and 6 x B200 blades based on their positive experience.

In total, this partner's client saved well over $250,000 working with Procurri.

In this example, Procurri partnered with a solution provider to support their customer in a move to Microsoft's Azure cloud.

During the move, their maintenance was expiring and they couldn’t get a short-term contract from the OEM as they usually require a 1 year maintenance contract.

Procurri was able to provide a flexible, short-term 6 month maintenance contract and saved the client 80% compared to the OEM (comparing monthly costs).

They also wanted to maximize the value of their retiring assets and we entered into a consignment relationship with them to help recover over $2,000,000 in value.

We also dispatched our global services team to do onsite data erasure AND decommission all retired assets from their 7 global data centers.